Don’t Compromise on Spreaders.

Unmatched Quality for Precise Spreading

Empowering productivity with unrivalled spreaders. From lawn care to ice-control, elevate your inventory with our comprehensive range, setting new benchmarks in every industry.

Companies That Put Their Trust in Cresco:

Don’t Compromise
on Spreaders.

Convenient, high-quality spreading at a sensible price – that’s what you should expect from your spreader.

Companies Who Put Their Trust in Cresco

Two Seasons, One Spreader

We designed a spreader that can be used in winter to spread salt and in summer to spread fertilizer.

Home Owner

Roughly the size of a tennis court.


Roughly the area of half a football field.


For spreading on an area over half a football field.

Ultimate Convenience
for Planting Seeds

Whatever seed you’re planting, the Cresco Seeder can effortlessly plow your furrow, sow the seed, cover and compact the ground, and mark out your next row.

Fruit and Nut Collector

Fruit or nut, large or small, garden or farm – Cresco Collectors will pick up fallen loose fruit and nuts off the ground effort free.


You need to be able to spread accurately no matter which model you buy, or whether you’re spreading salt or fertilizer. With Slide System Technology and the Cresco Calibration Centre, we’re making sure you get more from your spreader.

Putting Ourselves in Distributors Shoes

We’ve been working with spreaders since the 1970s and we’ve learned a lot in those years. With updated technology, a brand new design, and logistics that work for European distributors, your business doesn’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders anymore.

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The Spreader Experts

We want to give our customers the best of both worlds when it comes to spreading, be it fertilizer, or salt. The result is every Cresco model has been packed with our best technology , so you can enjoy a high-quality spreader, without all the hassle, and without a prohibitive price tag.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Spreaders often travel all over the world before they get to you. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and yours, so our newly designed spreaders are shipped in parts. This allows us to ship five times as many spreaders in a container than we would if we were to ship them fully assembled. Having our spreaders assembled in the UK allows us to focus on quality while reducing some of our footprint on the planet.

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