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Einstein once said that experience is the only source of knowledge. If this is true, and who are we to doubt him, then Cresco’s knowledge of spreaders runs extremely deep.

We’ve been importing and distributing spreaders since the 1970s, and over the
years, we’ve seen it all. However, as we’ve learned more and more, so our belief has grown that spreaders should offer so much more for end-users and distributors alike.

We’d reached the 2020s and spreaders still couldn’t switch from spreading salt to spreading fertilizer effectively. We were still choosing between quality and price. The industry still couldn’t react quickly to meet the European spreader industry’s needs.

For our founder, Marcus Palmer, the knowledge was all there, and now it was time to bring change to the spreader market.

Teaming up with Marco Valier, an engineer with experience working with brands such as Aston Martin and Volkswagen, we set about creating significant change in spreaders design – the kind of change our experience taught us was needed.

What are the results?

The result is you don’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders.
You don’t have to choose between a salt spreader or a fertilizer spreader, you don’t have to choose between quality and price, and you don’t have to compromise on your carbon footprint.

If you’re tired of compromises too, then we invite you to share our experience and make use of our knowledge in order to get the best possible results from your spreader.


Marcus Palmer
MD, Cresco

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What we do

We want to give our customers the best of both worlds when it comes too spreading, be it fertilizer, or salt. The result is every Cresco model has been packed with our best technology , so you can enjoy a high-quality spreader, without all the hassle, and without a prohibitive price tag.


One of our aims with Cresco was to create a spreader that truly covered both spreading seasons – winter and summer.


Whatever seed you’re planting, the Cresco Seeder can effortlessly plow your furrow, sow the seed, cover and compact the ground, and mark out your next row.

Winter Tools

We've designed a comprehensive range of winter tools for specialised snow & ice clearing

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Work with us

It’s time Europe had a push spreader manufacturer that distributors can rely on, with expertise they can trust. That’s why we’ve put our decades of industry experience into creating Cresco – to design and manufacture the spreaders European distributors need.

Enviromental Effort

Spreaders often travel all over the world before they get to you. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and yours, so our newly designed spreaders are shipped in parts. This allows us to ship five times as many spreaders in a container than we would if we were to ship them fully assembled.

Having our spreaders designed and assembled in the UK allows us to focus on quality while reducing some of our footprint on the planet.

Our technology

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on spreaders. That’s why we’ve teamed up with engineer Marco Valier to develop our very own Slide System technology. Our spreaders come complete with exceptional build quality and features only previously seen on top-end professional models. 

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