How Cresco Got It’s Start

Einstein once said that experience is the only source of knowledge. If this is true, and who are we to doubt him, then Cresco’s knowledge of spreaders runs extremely deep.

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We’ve been importing and distributing spreaders since the 1970s, and over the years, we’ve seen it all. However, as we’ve learned more and more, so our belief has grown that spreaders should offer so much more for end-users and distributors alike.
We’d reached the 2020s and spreaders still couldn’t switch from spreading salt to spreading fertilizer effectively. We were still choosing between quality and price. The industry still couldn’t react quickly to meet the European spreader industry’s needs.

For our founder, Marcus Palmer, the knowledge was all there, and now it was time to bring change to the spreader market.

Teaming up with Marco Valier, an engineer with experience working with brands such as Aston Martin and Volkswagen, we set about creating significant change in spreaders design – the kind of change our experience taught us was needed.

What are the results?

The result is you don’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders. You don’t have to choose between a salt spreader or a fertilizer spreader, you don’t have to choose between quality and price, and you don’t have to compromise on your carbon footprint.

If you’re tired of compromises too, then we invite you to share our experience and make use of our knowledge in order to get the best possible results from your spreader.


Marcus Palmer
MD, Cresco

Marcus Palmer

We want to give our customers the best of both worlds when it comes to spreading, be it fertilizer or salt. The result is every Cresco model has been packed with our best technology, so you can enjoy a high quality spreader, without all the hassle, and without a prohibitive price tag.

Who We Are

Michael Palmer

If Lawrence is considered the apprentice, then Michael is most certainly the master of pedestrian spreaders. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with more knowldge of the intricacies of how they spread and how to extract the greatest amount of precision. He has been working with spreaders since 1980 and has culminated all his knowledge into the development of the Cresco range of products. Michael manages key accounts for Cresco and heads the development team to ensure every spreader made is of the highest quality.

Lawrence Palmer
Sales Manager

Lawrence often jokes he spent his summers calibrating spreaders in what could be construed as child labour! However, he must’ve had plenty of free time somewhere to have played tennis in Barcelona for five years before graduating from American University on a tennis scholarship. As it turns out, his misspent youth unwittingly made him the perfect candidate to head up Cresco sales. In his spare time, he likes to injure himself by signing up to obnoxiously difficult sporting events and walking one of the many Cresco mascots, Bodi.

Mohammed Rahman
Operations Manager

Mo gets a hard time in the office as he supports Arsenal Football Club. A red among blues, he takes the wise-cracks on the chin and continues about his day the same way he does with his work - calmly and methodically. Mo organises all shipments and logistics and oversees all deliveries of orders. He is the first point of call for any administration queries and is the general problem solver of the group. He is in many ways the glue that connects all aspects of the business. In his spare time, he patiently waits for the return of the glory days under Arsne Wenger.

Alex Gonzales
Marketing Manager

Initially from Tenerife, Spain, Alex has been living in the UK since 2012. Managing marketing materials, email communications and more, Alex can work with you to offer your team what they need to boost sales. Alex is also the self proclaimed, ‘strongest man in the office’. We haven’t had a contest yet and we’re not keen to either as Alex is a keen gym goer in his spare time! Despite his dubious milk to coffee ratios in the morning he is a key addition to the office character and a fantastic person to be heading our marketing department.

Piotr Niemczyk
Warehouse Manager

Piotr works so hard, we had to build him his own house in the warehouse! He is here there and everywhere and is undoubtedly the busiest man in the company. His relentless work in development, testing thousands of fertilisers, and his determination to ensure quality checks on all spreaders has culminated in over 30,000 of the highest quality spreaders to be sent out each year. Initially from Poland, he likes to spend his spare time with his wife and little girl, hiking the different areas of natual beauty around the UK.

Punita Gokani
Group Financial Controller

The searing heat from Punita’s radiator is a reassuring feeling both in winter and, albeit more uncomfortablly, in summer. For when the heat is up, we know that Punita is working away to make sure our business is steamrolling in the right direction. By ensuring all of our accounts are in order and making sure no stone is left unturned, Punita solidifies the foundations upon which Cresco grows. She also plays a pivitol roll in our sister companies, Accugrit Ltd. and Cena Outdoors. So, we can forgive her for the radiator always being on!

What we do

We want to give our customers the best of both worlds when it comes too spreading, be it fertilizer, or salt. The result is every Cresco model has been packed with our best technology , so you can enjoy a high-quality spreader, without all the hassle, and without a prohibitive price tag.


One of our aims with Cresco was to create a spreader that truly covered both spreading seasons – winter and summer.


We’ve designed a cost effective solution to the backbreaking work of planting seeds.

Winter Tools

We’ve designed a comprehensive range of winter tools for specialised snow & ice clearing.

Garden Tools

Another area of design for us has been the creation of our fruit and nut collectors.

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Putting Ourselves in Distributors Shoes

We’ve been working with spreaders since the 1970s and we’ve learned a lot in those years. With updated technology, a brand new design, and logistics that work for European distributors, your business doesn’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders anymore.

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