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The Problem

Your grass needs a multitude of different nutrients. Fertilizers provide these nutrients but they come in many different sizes, shapes and densities.

With so many different fertilizers, it’s hard for one spreader to cater for all different types. You need to be able to adjust the holes on the bottom of the spreader in order to spread multiple materials evenly.

In addition, you need to know the exact setting the holes need to be at for each fertilizer and the correct volume setting!

Manually Calibrating Your Spreader

The fertilizer provider will explain what G/m² you need.

To manually find the correct settings, you will need a large concrete area and some flat containers to catch fertilizer.

By running over the same area a couple of times, you can calculate how much fertilizer you are putting down in an area. You can also find out what distribution you have.

You will need to adjust the settings on your spreader until you find the right ones. What a faff!

The Cresco Solution

Knowing the difficulties of manual calibration, and to provide ultimate accuracy we designed a bespoke calibration machine to speed the process up.

We designed and built a rolling road (like a running machine for spreaders) and we can set the speed at exactly 3mph which is the optimal walking speed for spreading.

We then built a testing bed to catch the fertilizer and a draw bridge system that when raised, “drops” the fertilizer into one metre trays from which the contents can be weighed.

Once the trays are weighed we make setting adjustments until the exact right setting is found, so all you have to do is use the recommended setting.

We minimise the many variables associated with fertilizer calibration, consequently providing ultimate accuracy of data. 

Speed and Accuracy

By speeding up this vital but tiresome task, we can test thousands of fertilisers with hundreds of spreaders so you don’t have to!

We can provide your fertiliser provider with accurate settings for any spreader so all you have to do is look at the bag and it’ll give you the setting of the spreader.

In addition, because we run these tests in the same way every time inside. We cut down the many variable that effect the spread of fertilizer and consequently provide more accurate data. This results in a better yield!

Slide System Technology

You need to be able to spread accurately no matter which model you buy, or whether you’re spreading salt or fertilizer. With Slide System Technology and the Cresco Calibration Centre, we’re making sure you get more from your spreader.

About the Slide System Technology

Precisely Spread Any Type of Fertiliser

Where spreaders have consistently failed in the past is offering the ability to spread every type of fertilizer or grass seed with precision.

Fertilizers come in all shapes, sizes and weights. As a result, they fly off the impellor in different ways. This can cause more material to be spread to the right than to the left, or vice versa.

To even the amount of material spread on both sides, adjustments must be made to the application holes on the bottom.

Our summer slider, included on all our products, allows easy adjustment of output holes.

Make Stocking Easier With One Spreader for Two Seasons

Another area of improvement we honed in on was the fact that spreaders only offered either an application for salt or an application for fertilizer. Why can’t one spreader do both professionally? We asked.

By having a slide system, we negate the need for two spreaders. This saves the carbon footprint of manufacturing two types of spreaders and shipping them all over the world.

It saves our distributors from commiting to winter stock that can sit around for an entire summer and it allows our final customers to buy one product for two uses!

Clever Spread Width Adjustment for Salt Spreading

Anyone who has spread salt before and used a deflector shield to spread in a small area will know what a faff it is!

It’s heavy, it’s cumbersome, and frankly it’s just not needed!

With the adjustment on our winter slide system, you can half the spread width to 2 metres which is the ideal width of a pavement.

If you need to spread further, keep the large application hole to spread up to 6 metres wide.

Technology on the Cresco 30

Spider Agitation Technology

Whereas the slide system technology was design simplicity, the spider agitation was a complex accomplishment.

Like every solution, it was born out of a problem – difficult to spread materials. Spreading anything requires a consistent flow of material onto the impellor. The problem arises when moisture is added to salt or fertilizer making it sticky, lumpy and sometimes immovable.

To keep material moving freely through the hopper it needs to move constantly. If it does not, it can clump together. We tested hundreds of systems before deciding upon the spider agitation which provides optimal movement and unparalleled flow.

See the Spider Technolgy in Action

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Increased Flow

The Spider Agitation increases the flow of material through the hopper and onto the impellor by keeping the material moving around the drop holes.

Marco Valier
Cresco’s Engineer

Marco has over 50-years of international engineering experience, developing complex products for both high volume car manufactures and premium exclusive brands, this knowledge has been channeled into creating a range of spreaders that are ideal for the European spreader market going forward.

Together, we bring the industry-specific experience, manufacturing know-how, and logistical capabilities you know you can rely on.

Putting Ourselves in Distributors Shoes

We’ve been working with spreaders since the 1970s and we’ve learned a lot in those years. With updated technology, a brand new design, and logistics that work for European distributors, your business doesn’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders anymore.

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