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Tired of left over
seasonal stock?
Spreaders often travel all over the world before they get to you. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and yours, so our newly designed spreaders are shipped in parts. This allows us to ship five times as many spreaders in a container than we would if we were to ship them fully assembled. Having our spreaders assembled in the UK allows us to focus on quality while reducing some of our footprint on the planet.

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The pedestrian spreader market in Europe is extensive.

There’s a market of 741 million people, with 195 million households in the EU alone, and a rich network of sports facilities, but yet, when it comes to pedestrian spreaders, Europe gets forgotten. Distributors have to rely on products being expensively shipped from the US, or take a risk with Chinese alternatives, and this brings difficulties and uncertainty for businesses.

We’ve been working in the spreader industry for 40 years and
we know all too well the difficulties this brings:

Long Lead Times


Carbon Footprint

Exchange Rate

Spare Part Availability Issues

Inappropriate Products for European Markets

Requirement to Commit to Large Quantity Orders without a Guaranteed Demand

Long Lead Times

Shipping Challenges

Considerable Carbon

Exchange Rate

Spare Part
Availability Issues

Inappropriate Products for European Markets

Requirement to Commit to Large Quantity Orders without a Guaranteed Demand

It’s time Europe had a push spreader manufacturer that distributors can rely on, with expertise they can trust. That’s why we’ve put our decades of industry experience into creating Cresco – to design and manufacture the spreaders European distributors need.

Our Experience

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We’ve been working in the spreader industry since the1970s when we began importing spreaders from the US. We set up DMMP in 2008 and established ourselves as a world leader in spreaders.
Being Europe’s biggest importer of spreaders has taught us a lot of lessons but for our founder, Marcus Palmer, there’s been one inescapable realisation – the European spreader market can’t be properly served until there’s a reliable, high-quality spreader manufacturer in Europe.

To accomplish this, Cresco has built on an established relationship with engineer, Marco Valier to ensure we’re not just creating another spreader, but a better spreader.

Marco has over 50-years of engineering experience, working with major brands such as Aston Martin and Volkswagen, and has channelled this knowledge into creating a range of spreaders that’s ideal for the European spreader market going forwards.

Together, we bring the industry-specific experience, manufacturing know-how, and logistical capabilities you know you can rely on.

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What we do

We want to give our customers the best of both worlds when it comes too spreading, be it fertilizer, or salt. The result is every Cresco model has been packed with our best technology , so you can enjoy a high-quality spreader, without all the hassle, and without a prohibitive price tag.


One of our aims with Cresco was to create a spreader that truly covered both spreading seasons – winter and summer.


We’ve designed a cost effective solution to the backbreaking work of planting seeds.

Garden Tools

Another area of design for us has been the creation of our fruit and nut collectors.

Winter Tools

We’ve designed a comprehensive range of winter tools for specialised snow & ice clearing.

Our spreaders are specifically designed for
effecient packing & storage

Optimised European distribution network
for fast, hassle-free shipping

Our effecient packing and storage results
in a huge reduction to our carbon

Why Cresco?

Although Cresco is new, we have been working within the industry for a long time.

Our company, DMMP was an importer of a well established brand of spreaders for over 20 years and before that we designed and manufactured professional line spraying equipment. Back track further and our company sold animal feed and fertiliser. In essence, we’ve been around the block!

With the tumultuous nature of the global economy over the past five years, it became increasingly difficult to supply the European market with a spreader range that hit the right price point. We knew the industry was crying out for a manufacturer with a versatile chain of logistics that can supply all customers with a quality product at the right price, no matter where they may be.

If there’s something we know about, it’s spreaders. We have been studying them, fixing them, selling them and using them for the best part of 4 decades. It might not be something we’d volunteer at a party but we sit at the forefront of knowledge with regards to professional pedestrian spreaders and we wanted to take a bet on some of our ideas.

In addition, the established suppliers seemed stuck in the mud – assembled boxed spreaders would be sent all around the world racking up a huge carbon footprint and the end customer was left fitting the bill for all that transport!

We wanted to establish a new chain of logistics, where the spreader was sent in raw materials around the world and only assembled in the country of the purchaser. By doing so, we keep our carbon footprint low and our costs low.

We partnered with a number of engineers to combine our knowledge with their experience and expertise in brining a product from idea to reality. In the process, we have revolutionised the way in which customers can adjust the spread pattern on their spreaders.

Instead of fiddly settings, or multiple hoppers, we have a simple to use slide system. In addition, we have created a custom built testing bed to test thousands of spreaders and fertilizers in order to offer the most accurate calibrations available.

Lastly we have taken what is the standard, basic agitation system on push spreaders and we have created an innovative spider system that improves flow and spreads difficult materials with ease.

Our brand is new to the game but we are not. We care about our imprint on this industry and we only expect the highest quality of spreaders.

Each raw material is individually quality checked before going out the door. It is then received by our depots before being assembled and quality checked again.

If a spreader sneaks through our rigorous checks, our 3 year warranty offer ensures our customers can expect their money back if the quality is not up to scratch.

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