Sustainability & Values

Perceive, Plan, Implement


Although we are small, our activities have consequences for the environment and our local community.

As a result we continually strive to improve our impact in:

1. Reducing Carbon Footprint
2. Supporting Our Local Habitat
3. Actively Participating in Social Causes

Carbon Neutrality

Spreaders often travel all over the world before they get to you. We want to reduce our carbon footprint and yours, so our newly designed spreaders are shipped in parts. This allows us to ship five times as many spreaders in a container than we would if we were to ship them fully assembled. Having our spreaders assembled in the UK allows us to focus on quality while reducing some of our footprint on the planet.


Self Sustainability

We have been running our business off our Bio Mass Boiler for the past 5 years!

Biomass boilers burn organic, renewable materials to convert them into energy to heat our homes and water.

In addition to emiting around 750Kg of Carbon Dioxide per year as opposed to the 13,500Kg coal emits, Biomass Boilers also save millions of tonnes of wood from going into landfill.

It helps lower our overall carbon footprint and falls in line with our goals of becoming self sustainable by 2025 and of taking care of the local area.

Solar Panels

Solar panels is another way in which we try to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our electricity has been provided by our panels for the past 8 years and we hope to invest even further in this renewable energy source.


Looking After Wildlife & Plants

We’re excetionally lucky to be situated in such a beautiful area of the country and we would like to keep it that way! We are committed to ensuring our local enviornment is kept clean and that the wildlife and plants are taken care of.

Each year, Oak trees are planted in specific locations and maintenance of older trees is carried out. We also plant and maintain the surrounding hedges as well as encourage wildlife in the local lake.

Lastly, we actively support local growing intiatives to increase food production while reducing carbon footprint.

Charity Work

Participating in social causes is fun, team building and rewarding so we see it as a no brainer!

We look to work with small local charities where possible and have multiple partners throughout our region.

In addition to working with local charities we chose one cause each year we woud like to raise money for.

This year we chose to support The Alzheimer’s Society.

Charity Run

Our last event was completed by two of our workers, Lawrence and Edward.

Lawrence completed the first day 58Km run for Alzheimer’s Society where as Edward ran the full 100Km over two days for Make A Wish.

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