Your Comprehensive Guide to Salt Spreaders

Your Comprehensive Guide to Salt Spreaders

In the 1800s, salt spread all over roads as a snow remover during the winter. This was to the chagrin of sleigh drivers and Pedestrians whose shoes and clothing would be damaged by it.

A century later, people in cities realized how effective the salt was, and soon enough, they were shoveling salt out of their trucks. This evolved into spreaders being attached to trucks to simplify the task. However, spreaders were originally used to distribute fertilizers.

As salt and fertilizer have different properties, the question poses itself; can you use a salt spreader for fertilizer? After all, this device is used to distribute a solid material over a large area. 

With the Cresco salt spreader, you can rest assured, knowing that you can spread at any time of the year. Whether you’re looking to spread fertilizer over the sizable property in the summer or layer salt across a car park in the winter, Cresco’s Slide System Technology has you covered.     

What Is a Salt Spreader?

A salt spreader is an appliance used to distribute salt, sand, and other finely granulated substances over large portions of land. They primarily spread salt over icy roads because salt decreases water’s freezing point, which causes the top layer of ice to melt. 

Once the top layer is melted, the salt warms the ice under it, turning it into saltwater. This doesn’t imply that a mere dash of table salt will do the job. You’ll need a lot more than that, which is why salt spreaders are so handy.   

How do Salt Spreaders Work?

Salt spreaders are generally simple to use. The substance you want dispensed is put into a hopper, a container that tapers downwards and releases its contents. 

As the material is being discharged, a spinning disk spreads an even layer of the material over the desired area. Depending on what spreader you have, it’s essential to start slowly to ensure that you don’t overdo it; it’s better to touch up after a first layer if you feel the spread is insufficient.      

Types of Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders come in various shapes and sizes to cater to a variety of plots, namely:

Tow-behind spreaders

Tow-behind spreaders feature a tow hitch attachment and are dragged by a vehicle or tractor. They are best suited to cover large areas. However, they aren’t as accurate in distribution as a V-box or tailgate spreader.

V-box spreaders

Also known as an in-bed salt spreader, this type is a popular pick among professionals. It is ideal for large projects as the spreader is embedded in a heavy-duty truck bed and features many moving parts.

Tailgate spreaders

This salt spreader is usually mounted on the rear of a vehicle or the bed of a truck; it isn’t as big as a V-box, and it is one of the easiest spreaders to use. Alternatively, the spreader can be fastened to the hood of a vehicle to spread salt in front of it.

Pedestrian spreaders

These are also referred to as walk-behind salt spreaders, push broadcast salt spreaders, and walk-along salt spreaders. They are the easiest to use and are common in many households. They resemble the shape of a wheelbarrow or a trolley, and operating one is simple; fill it up and push it in front of you as you walk. 

The Cresco 10, 20, and 30 pedestrian spreaders solve the hassle of purchasing and maintaining two devices because of their two-in-one function. 

Different Sliders for Different Seasons

Pedestrian spreaders don’t have to be seasonal products; with the option of a winter and summer slider, your fertilizer or salt is guaranteed to be spread with the same accuracy, all from one spreader. 

The 3 hole slider plate

This slider is designed to be used in the summer for fertilizers and seeds, and it is the more complex slider of the two. It features adjustable sliders, which allow you to balance the spread pattern on the left or right side. The adjustable sliders also move back and forth to expand or contract the size of the left and right holes, ensuring an accurate spread. 

The evenness of the spread is partly dependent on the size of the fertilizer granules; on the Cresco spreaders, small granules are dispensed on the left while larger granules are released on the right. The summer slider also features a border control that closes off the center and right holes, stopping dispensation from the left hole while the right hole dispenses as normal. With the adjusted spread pattern, border control can protect the borders of flower beds and patios from weed growth.   

The single hole slider

Designed especially for winter, this slider features one large hole for all types of salt applications. Materials that have large particle sizes are difficult to spread. That’s why winter sliders have fewer holes. A special feature of the Cresco winter slider is that it has a secondary slider that limits the area over which the salt is spread, this way, there will be less wastage. 

How You Can Benefit From a Push Salt Spreader

Investing in a pedestrian salt spreader reaps notable benefits such as:

Saving Time and Effort

Manually salting your icy sidewalk or driveway is a laborious effort, and spreading fertilizer over the soil is equally time-consuming. A salt spreader will reduce the time you take to cover these areas, allowing you to spend time doing other things and saving your energy. 

They do a better job

Salt spreaders are designed to distribute materials accurately and evenly. A manual job is prone to unequal spreading, and uneven distribution can significantly impact the area you are covering, whether in salt or fertilizer.    

You save money

With a salt spreader on standby, the materials you are dispensing will not be wasted. As aforementioned, these devices are accurate and come with features that can limit the area over which they spread, as seen with the Cresco secondary slider.  

Other Ways to Use a Salt Spreader

Even though it has a modest frame, a push salt spreader has more tricks up its hopper than what it’s given credit for.

Feeding Chickens

Grains and fibers can easily pass through a salt spreader. You can pour chicken feed into the Cresco summer slider and take less time and energy to feed chickens or other livestock. 

Sewing Seeds

The 3 hole slider plate seamlessly distributes grass seeds with its adjustable sliders. With the Cresco 20 model, you can sow seed on large plots of land, making it an excellent agricultural tool.  

Glitter Machine

This one’s a bit odd, but it proves how versatile a salt spreader can be. A quick and easy way to dazzle the atmosphere is to put glitter or confetti through one of the sliders and spread it.

Sprinkle Spreader

If a large cake needs sprinkles, the salt spreader can act as a sprinkle spreader and perform some large-scale cake decorating.

Tips When Using a Push Salt Spreader

Wear Protective Gear

While salt spreaders don’t pose any harm, the materials you spread could. Toxic or corrosive substances should be handled carefully, so have some protective gear on when spreading them.   

Give your Salt Spreader Proper Maintenance 

Ensure that your salt spreader is kept in good conditions and is used according to the manual. Pay attention to its performance over time, and any old or damaged parts should be replaced. They can be purchased from Cresco’s spare parts selection.

Know What your Salt Spreader Can Take

Knowing what materials your salt spreader can take is crucial to its performance and longevity. This information is usually available in the device’s manual; the Creso slider chart displays what products can be placed in which slider. 

For example, Powdered granules, granulated ice melts, and pelleted fertilizer can be put into the summer slider, while fine dry sand and brown rock salt can be put into the winter slider.

So… Can You Use a Salt Spreader for Fertiliser?

While you can adopt a salt spreader to spread fertilizer, there’s always the option to get a spreader designed to do both. You certainly can convert a salt spreader into a fertilizer spreader. 

However, it will take some vigorous cleaning, adjusting, and re-calibrating to get it on par with a real fertilizer spreader. Instead of enduring the hassle, why not simplify things and consider one of the Cresco spreaders, such as; the Cresco 10SW, an excellent starter for small areas and features the game-changing Slide System Technology.

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