Seed Planter Plates: Corn to Cucumbers (+ Tips, Guide & Video)

In a pickle with your seed planter plates? Unsure of which size of planter plate you need to get your vegetable planting finished?

Or, are you looking to buy a garden seed planter with all the right sized planter plates for a wide range of different seeds?

Whatever your questions, let’s take you through the steps to fuss-free, confident seed planting.

Using a garden seed planter with a good range of different sized seed planter plates will help you plant the smallest leek seed through to the largest cucumber seeds.

Of course, all of your favorite vegetables including corn, carrots, cabbages and cauliflower also feature. Along with radishes, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach, you’ll be growing and harvesting a bumper crop to satisfy all your needs in no time!

So, why use a garden seed planter in the first place? And what are seed plates?

Saving You Time & Money: A Garden Seed Planter with Seed Planter Plates

A seed planter is a useful tool if you have several rows (or more) of planting to accomplish.

Mounted on wheels so you can push it across the soil, it drops one seed into the prepared ground every so often, as determined for optimum growth.

Using a seed planter with a set of differing seed plates gives you maximum control over size of seeds and spacing, so you get the correct number of seeds in the drill hole and the right amount of spacing between each seed.

Not only does it plant the seed for you, it will also mark out the next row to be planted. Thus ensuring you get the best chance at growing an abundant crop with the minimum of seeds.

How to Use Seed Plates on a Seed Planter

Seed planter plates are, usually, a disk with appropriate sized holes cut into it. As this plate sits inside the hopper, it is turned by a belt attached to the front wheel of the planter.

When the front wheel is turned, the belt drives the seed plate around, picking up one seed at a time and depositing it down the shute and into the soil.

Choosing the right sized seed plate for the seed you wish to plant is crucial at this point. Matching up the size of the seed to the seed plate hole will make certain only one seed is
planted at a time.

Being able to select the right seed plate for your planting takes away the stress of over planting, and allows the machine to do its job.

Moreover, having different sized seed plates means you will have a greater choice of vegetables to plant, without the worry of having to make your own plate.

Of course, the best option would be to have a spare plate available should you wish to create a custom seed plate!

Seed Planter Plates: The Skinny on Benefits & Drawbacks

As with all things, there are benefits and drawbacks to using a garden seed planter. Nonetheless, in this instance the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks!

As long as you purchase the right seed planter with a good range of different sized seed planter plates, you’ll be blessed with years of happy planting with abundant crops to harvest.


  • Time Saving – A good steady pace as you walk across the soil will maximize your efforts. Combined with not over-planting and having to thin later on, you’ll find time saving one of the biggest advantages.
  • Evenly Spaced Rows – By using the row marker arm, you will easily be able to gauge where your next row needs to go. This will help once your plants have started to grow, giving them space to flourish.
  • Money Saving – Using the correct sized seed plate for the seed you are planting, you’ll get the accurate amount of seed into the ground at the right depth.
  • Wear & Tear on Your Body – Being able to stand upright and walk across your land will save you enormous stress on your body.


To tell the truth, disadvantages are thin on the ground. After all, what’s not to love about saving time and money? But, in order to be fair and open, here are a couple of disadvantages that can crop up.

  • Lack of maintenance – Not looking after your machine can cause breakdowns and over/under seeding.
  • User error – By not getting the depth of planting right or spacing of rows too close, you can prohibit good germination, thus reducing crop yields.


As you can see, both of these disadvantages are easy to overcome. Understanding your seed planter and seed planter plates, you’ll quickly get to grips with getting the most out of your planting.

Seed Planter Plates - Tips for Getting the Most From Your Planting

  • Cut down friction between your seed plate and the hopper by coating the seed plate with a tiny amount of vegetable oil on the side that attaches to the hopper. You only want the lightest of smears, so that seed doesn’t become stuck to it if it comes into contact.
  • When using your seed planter, tilt it slightly to the side where the seed plate sits (usually on the right hand side). This will encourage the seeds into the seed plate and help them to stay in place before they drop down into the shute.
  • By tilting the planter, you will also cut down on any missed seed pick-ups. The seed is less likely to pop out of the cup. And you’ll get an even distribution of seed.
  • Walk at a steady pace so you can watch the seed plate activity and monitor what’s happening. It’s better to be slightly slower and more efficient, as you will get a better harvest.
  • Encourage good germination by using your seed planter on lightly tilled soil. This will mean that your seed is properly covered over and tamped down by the machine as you move along the row.
  • Make sure your row path is clear of leaf and debris that can clog up the seed shute and wheels, as this will impede your progress and success. 
  • Lightly water once you’ve planted your seeds. Germination will be quicker, plus you’ll discourage birds from pilfering all your hard work!

The Cresco SRS Garden Seeder with 9 Different Sized Seed Planter Plates

If you are searching for a great garden seeder with an excellent choice of seed planter plates, look no further than the Cresco SRS Garden Seeder.

With simple assembly, 9 different sized seed planter plates and 1 blank seed plate for custom sizing, the Cresco SRS Garden Seeder has been designed to make seed planting as easy as possible.

A wider rear wheel and reinforced row marker mountings help improve planting of your seed to maximize germination. And a hopper lid ensures seeds stay dry and don’t spill out with any accidental spillages.

Whether you are planting corn, pumpkin, onions, Swiss chard or beans there’s a seed planter plate to tackle the job.

Not only accommodating a large range of different sized seeds, the handy row marker comes into its own, helping you mark each row as you go along.

Finally, with a 5 year limited warranty you’ll be all set to make the most out of your planting for years to come.

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