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Ultimate Convenience for Planting Seeds

We’ve worked with single row seeders for a long time, and we always thought to ourselves “here is an ingenious product, a solution to the back-breaking process of planting seeds – we studied what can be done to the concept to make a superior value for money seeder.

So, in line with our mission to save you from compromise, we’ve built the Cresco single row seeder to make your seeding even easier. Whether you’re using it for personal use, as a market gardener, or horticultural grower, the Cresco row seeder and planter is built with quality, giving you convenience and high-performance rolled into one.

Whatever seed you’re planting, the Cresco Seeder can effortlessly plow your furrow, sow the seed, cover and compact the ground, and mark out your next row.

  • Superior build quality
  • Ultimate convenience for planting seeds
  • Bigger wheels
  • Hopper lid to ensure seeds don’t spill
  • Reinforced row marker 
  • 10 free seed plates included

With over 25 years industry experience Cresco products have been designed and built from scratch to offer improved quality, new modern technology and a much needed expansion to the current pedestrian spreader market. Manufactured and designed with effective distribution in mind the Cresco product range offers a no-compromise solution to the challenges of the current market. 


The Cresco row seeder is built with quality, giving you convenience and high-performance rolled into one.

Sow a huge variety of seeds with our plate system, perfect for market gardens or home growers.


We’ve been importing and distributing spreaders since the 1970s, and over the years, we’ve seen it all. However, as we’ve learned more and more, so our belief has grown that spreaders should offer so much more for end-users and distributors alike.


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We’d reached the 2020s and spreaders still couldn’t switch from spreading salt to spreading fertilizer. We were still choosing between quality and price. The industry still couldn’t react quickly to meet the European spreader industry’s needs. We knew something needed to change. 


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We teamed up with Marco Valier, an engineer with experience working with brands such as Aston Martin and Volkswagen, we set about creating significant change in spreader design – the kind of change our experience taught us was needed.


The result is you don’t have to compromise when it comes to spreaders. You don’t have to choose between a salt spreader or a fertilizer spreader, you don’t have to choose between quality and price, and you don’t have to compromise on your carbon footprint.


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We wanted to ensure that we were not just creating another spreader, but a better spreader. As part of our commitment to quality, we offer a 2-year warranty on all Cresco spreaders and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

 No, our tools don’t come fully assembled. However, all winter tools can be assembled within ten minutes.

We have a two year warranty on our Cresco tools.

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