Cresco SRS

The Cresco SRS garden seeder is a precise and efficient tool for planting a variety of seeds. The seeder comes with a bag of 10 seed plates, allowing you to plant a wide range of seeds, including vegetables, flowers, and small grains. The plates are easy to switch out, so you can change seed types quickly and easily. The seeder also has an adjustable flow rate and seed depth, allowing you to plant seeds at the correct depth and rate for optimal growth. The Cresco SRS garden seeder is perfect for homeowners and small-scale farmers looking for a precise and easy-to-use tool for planting seeds.

One Spreader Two Seasons

All our spreaders can be used for spreading both in the winter and the summer seasons.

Precision and Accuracy

By pushing the border control slider across (as in the picture above), you can shut off one side of the spreader. This helps save your patio paths and flower borders from spread of material where it’s not required.

Spreading large fertilizer granules? Pull the left adjustor to close by increments. Spreading grass seed or other light material? Pull the right adjustor by increments to balance the spread pattern!


By assembling your product in the country of sale, we save on needless shipping costs. As a result, your spreader comes in less expensive than other spreaders!

Environmental Impact

We used to bring 300 spreaders per container. By designing and manufacturing Cresco, we now bring in up to 2,500 spreaders per container. That’s a whole lot of CO2 taken out of the atmosphere!


3 year limited warranty
We source only the highest quality of materials and quality check each one before dispatch. Our products are tested rigorously until breakage to strengthen weaknesses.
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