Cresco SRS


Get the most from your new Cresco single row seeder.  

We’ve worked with single row seeders for a long time, and we always thought to ourselves “here is an ingenious product, a solution to the back-breaking process of planting seeds – we studied what can be done to the concept to make a superior value for money seeder.

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Assembling your seeder

Please refer to the video to the left for our assembly tutorial, if you would prefer written instructions refer to the link below. When assembling your seeder should you have any issues contact us directly from the form at the bottom of the page and our team will be happy to assist. 

Choosing the correct seed plate

Important Seed Plate Information

  • The Cresco SRS will travel 91.4cm for one revolution of the seed plate

  • Please see the custom seed fitting if you have a seed that does not fit any of the plates provided.

  • Spacing changes can be made by filling every other seed hole with bees wax to reach the required spacing.

  • To stop small seeds from becoming lodged behind the plate, wash the plate in soapy water and let it dry.


DMMP Ltd. warrants this product free of defects in original workmanship and materials for a period of 5-Years to the end user with the original dated purchase receipt.

If a manufacturing non-conformance is found, DMMP Ltd. will repair or replace the part(s) or product at it’s discretion at no charge provided the failure is not the result of incorrect installation, mishandling, misuse, tampering, or normal wear and tear as determined by DMMP ltd.

DMMP Ltd. at its discretion may require that the part(s) or product be returned along with the original purchase receipt at owners’ expense for examination and compliance with the terms of this warranty.

Do not return any product without first receiving authorization from DMMP Ltd. To seek remedy under this warranty, contact DMMP Ltd.  at +44 (0)1455 825 400 or email us at and describe the nature of the manufacturing defect.


This warranty covers only the part(s) or product; any labour charges associated with repair or replacement of nonconformances are specifically excluded.

Due to the corrosive nature of most fertilizers and ice melt products, DMMP Ltd makes no warranty against and specifically excludes part(s) or product degradation or failure due to corrosion or its effects.

To negate the effects of corrosive materials on your product, clean and dry your spreader or seeder thoroughly after each use. As a further preventative measure, coat all metal parts with a light oil or silicon spray.

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