Cresco 10SW


Homeowner Spreader for All Seasons

You spread fertilizer on your lawn in the summer and salt on the drive in the winter – you should expect one spreader to get both jobs done!

In the past, this hasn’t been easy with a basic homeowner model, but we don’t want you to compromise when it comes to spreaders, so the Cresco 10SW is perfectly adapted to do both jobs. Leave your spreader in the shed after you spread fertilizer, and next time you come to it, you can pop the winter slide in, and you’re ready to de-ice the drive.

The Cresco 10SW makes it simple to get your spreading jobs done, and you know you can rely on it when you need it.

Health & Saftey
Load bearing capacity – 45KG
When using don’t exceed 30KG

  • Easy adjustments to give perfect distribution.
  • 20 Different fertiliser settings and a border control.
  • New hopper mould stops product being left in the hopper.
  • Easily adjust your output 

With over 25 years industry experience Cresco products have been designed and built from scratch to offer improved quality, new modern technology and a much needed expansion to the current pedestrian spreader market. Manufactured and designed with effective distribution in mind the Cresco product range offers a no-compromise solution to the challenges of the current market. 


Cushioned Fold-Away Handles

For easy storage and a comfortable ride

Minimal Assembly

Don’t spend all your time putting it together, we’re here to save you time

High Grip Moulded Wheels

Good traction equals continuous output

Cresco 2-Year Guarantee

All our products come with Cresco’s 2-year guarantee of excellence


The Homeowner Spreader.

Recommended for applications on areas 150m2 to 500m2

The Cresco 10SW makes it simple to get your spreading jobs done, and you know you can rely on it when you need it.

Features Included
Slide System Technology
Border Control
Solid Rod Linkage
Large Agitator
Improved hopper mould
Composite anti-wear gearbox
Cresco 2 Year warranty

You can spread fertilizer on your lawn in the summer and salt on the drive in the winter.

Cresco 10SW back
Cresco 10SW side


All Spreaders

Cresco 10SW

Recommended for applications on areas 150m2 to 500m2


Cresco 20SW Estate

Recommended for use on areas 500m2 to 3500m2

Cresco 30SW

Recommended for use on large areas of 3500m2 upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Cresco SW comes with a salt application slider and a fertiliser application slider. This allows you to quickly create the perfect spreader for either job!

Unfortunately our warranty does not include rust. When applying salt and fertiliser, you are putting exceptionally corrosive materials through the spreader. When these materials come into contact with metals, it inevitably results in rust. Some aspects such as the type of metal can extend the longevity of the product. For example, a stainless steel spreader is great at resisting rust. Your best bet to ensure your spreader lasts for as long as possible is a thorough wash after every use. It can extend the life of your spreader by years!

You should be able to assemble this spreader within 15 minutes. The bulk of assembly has already been carried out. We chose to send the products assembled to save on delivery emissions and to offer our spreaders at the most competitive price point possible. We have invested heavily in our instruction manuals, please follow the QR codes and instructions.

The Cresco10SW will spread up to 6 metres on a full application setting. PLEASE NOTE: It completely depends on the material being put through. One of the best aspects of this spreader is that you have a huge amount of versatility at your fingertips. If you would like to shorten the spread, simply lower the application rate.

It is hard to gauge exactly how many kilograms of material you will be able to fit into your hopper as it depends entirely on the material you are putting into the spreader. As a rough guide, your Cresco 10SW spreader will hold about 26kg of fertiliser/Salt.

A raincover is not a necessity, however, if salt spreading is to be carried out in climates where rain is common, then it is advised.

In short, there is nothing that can stop your spreader from rusting over time if you are exposing metal to either fertiliser or salt. What you can do is prolong your spreaders life by making sure all residue is cleaned from the spreader after each use. This is vitally important to do and can add years to your spreader's life. PLEASE NOTE, OUR WARRANTY DOES NOT INCLUDE RUST ISSUES.

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