Wide snow clearer


The wide snow clearer enables you to clear snow from a pavement quicker than any other snow tool. A strong steel blade helps separate tough snow and ice and provides longevity

Code: H611

• Steel blade
• Steel edge to increase cutting power and longevity
• Powder coated handle, comfortable grip
• Blade and handle assembled by quick connector

Weight & Dimensions:

Overall Length: 1500mm
Steel Blade Size: 610mm x 270mm


  • Strong steel blade helps separate tough snow and ice
  • Durable
  • Wide head for more efficient snow clearing
  • powder coated handle for comfortable grip

Use the extra wide head design to efficiently and quickly clear snow from any area. 

With over 25 years industry experience Cresco products have been designed and built from scratch to offer improved quality, new modern technology and a much needed expansion to the current pedestrian spreader market. Manufactured and designed with effective distribution in mind the Cresco product range offers a no-compromise solution to the challenges of the current market. 





Heavy Snow


Frequently Asked Questions

 No, our tools don’t come fully assembled. However, all winter tools can be assembled within ten minutes.

We have a two year warranty on our Cresco tools.


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